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Finished 10L dozer

Picture of finished Water truck

Completed Shovel project

Caribou Industrial Coatings has applied a wide variety of coatings that are designed for protection from the effects of weathering, moisture intrusion, and other corrosive environments.

By having the manpower and equipment we are able to go right in and get the job done on time. Our employees are MSHA trained, we carry $5 million in insurance and our safety, health and environmental action policies have always passed our clients company requirements.

Our equipment consists of sandblasters, pressure washers, paint sprayers, compressors, 60 and 80 foot manlifts and for those jobs that require added heat, we also own a 1 million BTU Maxi Heater.

Consider us for your next project, such as:
Heavy Equipment and Draglines
Tanks and Tank Linings
Roofs and Structures of all sizes
Concrete Containment and Wear Coatings
Or if you need a little pressure washing or sand blasting, we can do that too! Please take a moment and check our Mining Industry pictures.

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