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Singtex provides vertical integration services from R&D, raw material production, yarn, fabric, post-processing to garment design and brand development. We provide you with total solutions and professional service.


Singtex headquarters
Blue Innovation │Green Creativity

Apart from the development of eco-friendly products, in 2007 250 million NTD was invested into the construction of a precision environmentally friendly dyeing center. Green construction was incorporated into plant construction to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly design from the selection of energy supply to the selection of dyes.


Yarn technology

Singtex's patented coffee yarn technology and in-house yarn design capability means we can engage in collaborative product development to satisfy customer requirements.


Bluesign? Certified dyeing factory

Singtex's dyeing factory has received the Swiss bluesign? certification, the most demanding environmental standard in the world.This enhances SINGTEX?'s ability to realize the ultimate goals on cost-effectiveness, resource production, process optimization, consumer production, brand image and trust development.



Singtex's current product roadmap covers the full range of textile products includes sustainable materials, functional fabrics and garment design and production.


Magictex? Garment design│Manufacturing center

The garment factory in Vietnam holds "Responsible Global Garment Production", "Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism" and other certifications. It also possesses a variety of garment production technologies. The integrated marketing and design center at Singtex headquarters provides professional international garment development and design services. It is also capable of carrying out integrated marketing and promotion.and related management operations to improve factory utilization. We welcome opportunities for collaborative design and production. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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