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10 Jan. 2017




We always care about how to make our
environment better, so we keep developing
"SINGTEX® BIOTEC™” to reuses the material from nature to offer you a better solution, such as:

S.Café® sefía Lyocell yarn from wood pulp.
S.Café® AIRNEST Bio-based foam from coffee oil.
S.Café® AIRMEM Bio-based membrane from coffee oil.

Cotton-like skin layer

• S.Café® sefía™ is a natural material containing lyocell and S.Café® technology.
• It offers the user a highly functional, eco-friendly, and comfortable wearing experience.
•“S.Café® sefía™ COOL“ provides more cooling & soft touch to your body.

Warmth insulation

• By extracting 30% of S. Café® coffee oil to make AIRNEST™ foam.
• It presents a new alternative to petroleum-based ingredients, at the same time maintaining high performance in textiles.
• AIRNEST™ filled with space blocking material regulating body temperature providing warmth and comfort from all elements.

Shelter membrane

• AIRMEM™ contains 26% of coffee oil extracted from spent coffee grounds, the membrane is aimed to replace petroleum-based materials with a more sustainable alternative.
• Water resistant, wind-proof and breathable.


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