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SINGTEX products has been selected ISPO TEXTREND 2021/22 SELECTION!

13 Feb. 2020


S.Café® AIRMEM COLORSHELL is a bio-based color microporous membrane, made by coffee oil extracted from spent coffee grounds. Provides functions such as waterproof, windproof and air permeability.


Is a comfort fabrics offer stretch-ability and flexibility without Spandex. Composed of 63% recycled polyester and 37%polyester soft melange tricot fabric, Based on the fabric is composed of a single material, it is 100% recyclable.


STORMFLEECE is a unique single layer woven technology unites softshell and fleece into one, achieveing the right balance between breathability, wind resistance and/or water resistance. Its densely woven surface blocks wind and/or water without the need for lamination making it durable to washes. Its single layer construction can reduce the chemical use and energy consumption at the production phase compared to 2 or 3 layer fabrics. This fabric is made from recycling fishing nets.

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