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Corporate Social Responsibility


Hosting of coffee ground recycling seminars to promote recycling and the blue economy philosophy.

Hosting of prayer sessions featuring flowers and fruits in place of traditional forms of worship. No paper money is burned to protect the environment.

Adoption of ri ce paddies in Yilan. Organic fertilizer and weeding practices as well as employee participation is used to look after the land directly.

A "Vegetarian Day" is held once a week to promote energy-conservation and carbon reduction among employees.

Partnered with the Society of Wilderness on Earth Day, conservation of Wugu wetlands and other initiatives.


Introduced internship programs at Singtex to provide an exchange platform between local students and IFFTI members. By giving back to society and educating the next generation as part of business operations Singtex hopes to realize the goal of sustainable development.

Strengthened cooperation with the academic sector by providing internships and scholarships as part of the campus promotion program that benefits both industry and universities.

Hosting of regular campus seminars featuring Singtex's company founder and top executives. Investing in the next generation is investing in the future.

Sponsoring of new designers to cultivate Taiwan's design expertise and future talents.


Looking after disadvantaged groups, creating local job opportunities, and employment of handicapped people so they find self-affirmation through work.

Regular donations to the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders, World Vision, and "Art on Campus, Love is Everywhere" events.


Sponsorship of the Taiwan Film Institute to help preserve cultural assets.

Sponsorship of TAITRA's Taiwan Excellence athletes competing in the Berlin Marathon to promote the soft power of Taiwan and the spirit of sportsmanship.

Sponsorship of New Taipei City Travel and Tourism Department's Picnic Day and Wulai Marathon in order to support the development of LOHAS and environmentalism.

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