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Completed site project

Protective coatings for corrosive manufacturing environments will maximize the life of plant equipment as well as the infrastructure itself. We will apply the right system for your particular needs, ensuring a long service life at the lowest cost possible.

System recommendations take into account various factors including but not limited to: Chemical exposure, from the type of chemical expected to its aggressiveness. The level of exposure, from splash and spill to total continuous immersion. The expected temperature variance and the mechanical exposure of pedestrian to truck traffic, repeat washings and constant movement are all factors involved in product recommendations.

We are able to provide a full spectrum of services starting from your floors to the roof, and would like you to consider us for all these other services as well:

Interior and Exterior Tank Linings and Coatings
Concrete Containments
Heavy Equipment Coatings
Interior Walls and Floors
Exterior Structures and Roofs
Pressure Washing and Sand/Soda Blasting

Please take a moment and check out our Chemical Process Plant pictures.

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